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Using PID20 with Enocean valves
« am: 12 August 2019, 09:05:55 »
Dear all,

I have a umber of EnOcean valves, e.g.
define EnO_019A9D70 EnOcean 019A9D70
setuuid EnO_019A9D70 5c6e8005-f33f-5073-a64a-9517742096ec5ff8
attr EnO_019A9D70 IODev TCM_ESP3_0
attr EnO_019A9D70 manufID 7FF
attr EnO_019A9D70 room EnOcean
attr EnO_019A9D70 subType 4BS

my understanding is by default that they will use the FHEM PID for opening regulation. I saw it is possible to change the PID parameters of the valve. My question is: is the PID the same as the one from the PID20 module. It looks like the PID20 as more parameters that can be controlled.
If not, I would like to use the PID20 module to regulate the valve. How should I go about that ?



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Antw:Using PID20 with Enocean valves
« Antwort #1 am: 14 August 2019, 08:58:58 »
Dear all,

I understood that the Enocean object seems to use the PID20 module.
I would like to confirm what the following parameters mean
Acoording to the ref
pidDeltaTreshold - if delta < delta-threshold the pid will enter idle state; default: 0
If I understand correctly if the error (difference between setpoint and measurement is less than delta-thresshold), the value of PiD doe snot change ? Can you confirm
pidActorTreshold - threshold to be reached before command will be sent to actor; default: 1
If I understand correctly the PID will not update the value of position of actor if the change is less than this value ? can you confoirm ?