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Vallox and Homebridge
« am: 24 Februar 2020, 07:54:06 »

I seem to have reached my limits and would like to ask for your help. I have already reached a lot of good. I ordered a Elfin EW11 (abt. 15€) from China (Aliexpress) and connected the Vallox RS485 through home wifi (over TCP/ASCII) with my FHEM server running in my Mac mini. There I have a link to Homebridge and I do see the Vallox121 as a Fan device, hence being able to adjust the fan speed in a HomeApp. However, I would like to see the Vallox as a Climate device and map, in addition to the fan speed, also the humidity, and the four temperatures: TempExhaust, TempIncoming, TempInside and TempOutside. I have tried my best without success. Is anyone here that skilled with some extra time to help me out? It is about the homebridgeMapping attribute content!

P.S. That EW11 has been a cheap and positive surprise. You do not need to wire the RS485 bus by your server. Just that for instance in Vallox case, the RS485 bus voltage is 23,5 volts and the EW11 takes 5-18 volts. I solved it by dropping the Vallox voltage down to 12 volts with a 7812 simple small regulator. Just a hint for other implementation too, in a low cost manner!