Autor Thema: Feature suggestion for OWDevice (thermometers)  (Gelesen 771 mal)

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Feature suggestion for OWDevice (thermometers)
« am: 26 März 2020, 17:59:50 »
This is specifically for the DS18B20 but probably true for other thermometer parts.

1.  The fastest way to read a temperature at a particular resolution is to set the default resolution to that and then just do a owread temperature rather than owread temperature9 ... temperature12.  What those do is to set the resolution each time.  It would be useful to have a set resolution option in OWDevice to support this method.

2.  The fastest way to read multiple thermometers is write 1 to simultaneous which (I think) issues a skip ROM then convert (so tells all to convert).  I assume a Convert T instruction (44h) is only recognised by thermometers and other 1-wire devices on a bus will ignore it (if you have other devices).  Again it could be useful for OWDevice to support this.  You can owread latesttemp which skips triggering a conversion.  All devices converting at the same time will give a higher peak current of course.  DS18B20 is 1.5mA max active/converting and 1uA max when not.