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New module: DaikinAC

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--- Zitat von: hugomckinley am 31 März 2020, 20:06:47 ---Works well. (I tried all functions excepting streamer and set hum, I don't own an Ururu, I've got an Emura)

--- Ende Zitat ---

I've got one unit that has the streamer function and that works. Haven't got an Urura either, so the humidity functionality is completely untested.

--- Zitat ---
* slider for values (like interval) -> should be a textfield
* powerfull on works, powerfull off doesn't work
* state is "Timeout: process terminated" at 4 of 4 ACs after 48 hours (set works, but state doesn't change even; no polling any longer), Daikin App works too
--- Ende Zitat ---

Done and fixed. I've done some sniffing on traffic from the Daikin app to my units here and got powerful mode to work as it should. I've noticed the timeout issue. It seems that my choice of rescheduling the call to my poll() function (using the blocking.pm lib) immediately after the SetBlocking() call is incorrect and can cause a race condition. I've moved the reschedule over to both finish/abort functions and can't get it to fail anymore.

--- Zitat ---And my featurerequests: ;-)

* reading compfreq (polled from get_sensor_info)
* reading name (url encoded, as I remember) (at creation, or with update, like the other "static" values, polled from /common/basic_info)
* get update button below the set list
* readings for the used energy (hour/day/week/year), don't remember what is logged in the indoor units
* "set reboot" to reboot the WiFi Adapter, has never been used, but who knows ;-)
--- Ende Zitat ---

"compfreq" is added. Useful indeed, but I didn't know what it represented until I just googled it and found it to be the current compressor frequency. Both "name" and the usage statistics are added as well. The same is true for the reboot option.

As for the "get update" button, I've been looking at how to do that, but unfortunately the documentation on module development is quite lacking on that front ;-). So any suggestion on how to accomplish that are welcome.

I'm currently looking at parsing the usage statistics into useful readings. I'm not entirely sure (yet) what the ordering in the weekly usage statistics is, as the get_week_power_ex and get_week_power output doesn't match up. So I've gathered todays output and will do that again tomorrow.

For now, an updated version is attached.[/list]

I can't set anything any longer (power, mode, rate, ...)
Only the readings hhum, htemp and otemp are updated if I set something, but nothing else happens.
I just copied the modul, set the correct rights an restarted fhem.

This is in the log, when I restart FHEM:

--- Code: ---2020.04.01 00:51:23 1: PERL WARNING: "my" variable $s masks earlier declaration in same scope at ./FHEM/58_HVAC_DaikinAC.pm line 178, <$fh> line 3741.
--- Ende Code ---

get update generates an empty popup window with an O.K. button

There is no compfreq reading, but in the polled rawdata there is compfreq

Sorry.. Late night changes ;-). I noticed that today. Fixed and attached file has been updated in my previous post.

Looks good!

but the cmpfreq reading is still not available :-(

Tip for the docu -> a nice state visualisation:

--- Code: ---attr <device> stateFormat 1:pow
<br>In: htemp °C <br>Out: otemp °C
--- Ende Code ---

--- Code: ---attr <device> devStateIcon 1.0.*:frost@gray 1.1.*:frost@blue
--- Ende Code ---
Important: the new line after 1:pow

- we were typing at the same time, see below -

As for compressor frequency, I just used "compfreq" as stated in your post, but did not check whether that  worked. It turns out the actual parameter name is "cmpfreq", without the o. That has now been changed as well.

The "get update" should probably be "set update", as nothing is returned perse, but it does trigger an action. So I've changed that as well.

v1.0.4 is attached with these two changes. I'll have a look at the usage/wattage statistics later today. Any preference on how these should be exposed / parsed into readings?


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