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Hello Community,

 plese take a look on this Gthub project.

Its based on on a custom firmware for ESP8285/ESP8266 connected devices.

It provides wiring digrams, source code and working examples. Also plug-ins for most common used home automation solutions will be collected. (FHEM is the first one)

Focus is to build cheap integrations of many kind of devices into your individual automation solution with the focus on energy efficiency (battery operated devices) and simpleness.
In a later stage, also actors will be included.

- Support for multiple sensor/actor types
- All supported device types covered in one firmware
- Device type can be changed by configuration without flashing new firmware
- New firmware versions (eg. due to supporting new sensor types) can be upgraded by OTA
- Energy efficient
- EspNow communication based for fast data transfer and using ESP onboard hardware
- Supports [in theory] infinite count of devices on one gateway
- Provides a MQTT gateway
- FHEM integration modules

Current stage of the project is in apha state.
I would be glad if there are volunteers who test this out.

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