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CUL not enough credit

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On "attr device verbose 5" you get the necessaryCredit for each command you issue.

Looking at 14_CUL_MAX.pm the issue seems to be, that in order to wake up the device, you have to send a preamble for one second (100 credits), the rest is more or less neglectable. That means a command every 100+ seconds, roughly 2 minutes.
Since the preamble probably wakes all devices, it should be possible to send the data in a more credit (and device battery) efficient way, if you have more than one device. There was an entry in this forum some days ago regarding this (https://forum.fhem.de/index.php/topic,119766.0.html), but I dont know the state of the implementation.

Thank you for the link but it is a bit difficult for me to understand.

I have about 15 devices so saving credits would be more than welcome. I still don't understand how i can make this more efficient. My german is not that good as well.

Now i check before an update if i have more than 120 credits available, i think this will work a bit better but not perfect

a. if 900 credits are not enough: use a-culfw then you have 3600

b. I don't understand why you have to manually adjust the desired temperature so often in the first place.
If you have many desired temperature switchings in one day, why you don't use the weekly profiles ?

I don't want to change the temperatures that often, i have mutliple rooms with multiple programs, now i think about it, maybe i can send my custom program to the thermostats instead of sending the desired temperature as my program changes.

Now i manually set the temperatures from the thermostats when my program changes, probably this can be done more efficient


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