Autor Thema: Eltako actor status wrong after power failure or fhem stopped  (Gelesen 837 mal)

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Hallo zusammen

I've an issue where the status of the actuators (on or off) are wrong if I stop fhem or if there is a power failure of the fhem host.

Way to reproduce:

- switch ON an actuator (FSR14 for exemple) with an enocean remote previously learned in FAM14. The actor status is perfectly updated in fhem.
- stop fhem to simulate a power failure
- swich OFF the same actuator with the remote. The actor is actually OFF now, but fhem doesn't know yet, normal
- restart fhem. The status of the actor is WRONG and not updated by fhem which still believe it is ON, but it's not

Fhem is latest update and it is running on a raspberry pi with a TCM310 usb dongle and communicate with the FAM14 by radio which is on position BA 2


ps: baseid and chipid masked

TCM definition:

   BaseID     ------80
   ChipID     ------1D
   DEF        ESP3 /dev/serial/by-id/usb-FTDI_FT232R_USB_UART_A5043OCF-if00-port0@57600
   DeviceName /dev/serial/by-id/usb-FTDI_FT232R_USB_UART_A5043OCF-if00-port0@57600
   FD         24
   FUUID      5c6e9620-f33f-d74b-6b13-3d8ee20ca75f1dc3
   LastID     ------FF
   MODEL      ESP3
   NAME       TCM_ESP3_0
   NOTIFYDEV  global
   NR         84
   RSSI       -58
   STATE      initialized
   TYPE       TCM
     2021-04-13 23:00:04   baseID          BaseID: ------80 RemainingWriteCycles: 0A
     2021-04-13 21:54:08   filter          Type:Value:
     2021-04-13 21:24:09   frequencyInfo   NOT_SUPPORTED
     2021-03-12 19:10:48   getFreeID       ------8F ------90 ------91 ------92 ------93 ------94 ------95 ------96 ------97 ------98 ------99 ------9A ------9B ------9C ------9D ------9E ------A0 ------A1 ------A2 ------A3 ------A4 ------A5 ------A6 ------A7 ------A8 ------A9 ------AA ------AB ------AC ------AD ------AE ------AF ------B0 ------B1 ------B2 ------B3 ------B4 ------B5 ------B6 ------B7 ------B8 ------B9 ------BA ------BB ------BC ------BD ------BE ------BF ------C0 ------C1 ------C2 ------C3 ------C4 ------C5 ------C6 ------C7 ------C8 ------C9 ------CA ------CB ------CC ------CD ------CE ------CF ------D0 ------D1 ------D2 ------D3 ------D4 ------D5 ------D6 ------D7 ------D8 ------D9 ------DA ------DB ------DC ------DD ------DE ------DF ------E0 ------E1 ------E2 ------E3 ------E4 ------E5 ------E6 ------E7 ------E8 ------E9 ------EA ------EB ------EC ------ED ------EE ------EF ------F0 ------F1 ------F2 ------F3 ------F4 ------F5 ------F6 ------F7 ------F8 ------F9 ------FA ------FB ------FC ------FD ------FE ------FF
     2021-04-13 21:54:16   getUsedID       ------81 ------82 ------83 ------84 ------85 ------86 ------87 ------88 ------89 ------8A ------8B ------8C ------8D ------8E ------9F
     2021-04-13 23:00:04   maturity        01
     2021-03-12 19:10:58   noiseThreshold  NOT_SUPPORTED
     2021-04-13 21:54:22   remanRepeating  NOT_SUPPORTED
     2021-04-13 23:00:04   repeater        RepEnable: 00 RepLevel: 00
     2021-04-13 21:54:28   smartAckLearnMode Enable: 00 Extended: 00
     2021-04-13 23:00:04   state           initialized
     2021-04-13 21:54:32   stepCode        NOT_SUPPORTED
     2021-04-13 23:00:04   version         APIVersion: 02060300 APPVersion: 020B0100 ChipID: ------1D ChipVersion: 454F0103 Desc: GATEWAYCTRL
     init_done  1
     telegramSentTimeLast 1618347604.78651
   blockSenderID own

An actuator definition :

   DEF        ------81
   FUUID      5c655d7a-f33f-d74b-4d98-29f7aa5a1b0ddbac
   IODev      TCM_ESP3_0
   NAME       FSR14_01_A
   NR         51
   NTFY_ORDER 50-FSR14_01_A
   STATE      off
   TYPE       EnOcean
     2021-04-11 00:21:29   block           unlock
     2021-04-13 23:00:24   state           off
   IODev      TCM_ESP3_0
   alias      Bureau
   comMode    confirm
   devStateIcon on:ios-on-green off:ios-off
   eep        A5-38-08
   gwCmd      switching
   icon       message_socket
   manufID    00D
   model      Eltako_FSR14
   mqttPublish state:topic={"/fhem/$device/$reading"} state:qos=2 state:retain=1
   mqttSubscribe state:set-topic={"/fhem/$device/set"}
   room       EnOcean
   subDef     ------81
   subType    gateway
   userattr   mqttAlias:textField-long mqttDefaults:textField-long mqttDisable:both,incoming,outgoing mqttForward:all,none mqttPublish:textField-long mqttSubscribe:textField-long
   webCmd     on:off

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Antw:Eltako actor status wrong after power failure or fhem stopped
« Antwort #1 am: 14 April 2021, 08:51:33 »
The behaviour is absolutely right. If a telegram has not been received for any reason or is incorrect, it will not be corrected afterwards.