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At least it is not a busware-CUL. A nanoCUL has an FTDI-Chip. What kind of CUL do you have and are you sure it is this one
--- Zitat ---/dev/serial/by-id/usb-1a86_USB2.0-Serial-if00-port0
--- Ende Zitat ---

How and where ist the relayboard defined ? As ttyUSBx ?

That's a WCH CHG340 vor 341, often used for China Clones. As both converters habe unique and different id's here, I'd recommend addressing both "by-id". There's a wiki Entry (german) " mehrere USB-Geräte", should be self-expaining.(For next device at USB, look for different ones).

I forgot how to check the usb id, but the relayboard is not a CHG340 clone, it is the Conrad relayboard, the nanoCul is a china clone, but it is the only china clone connected to the Raspberry Pi.

I gave the relayboard a specific name (USB_RELAY, instead of USB0, USB1 etc) so i thought this would work

Using udev rules should also work, that's true (if it's done in all ends).

Might be a powering issue. Is your Server base a Rasspberry Pi?

I only uded the rule for the relayboard, not for the nanocul.

I use a raspberry pi 4 for fhem and some other things. The relayboard and the nanocul are being powerd by a 8A usb hub, so i think the power should be okay


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