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svg plot remove plot control (butttons)

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Is there a way when creating graphs for last 24 hours, that the plot control is removed and also the buttons?

regards Richard

Hi Richard,

Plot for last 24 hours, In the FHEMWEB device (its named WEB for my setup, defined as "8083 global", i think this could be changed for different ports).
You can set the "endPlotNow" attribute to 1, then the plot ends with the actual time.

Removing the buttons is not possible, but they could be changed to a size of 0 pixels and this depends which user interface you use. I use floorplan and could change it, BUT this is not trivial and you are stuck using older stylesheets and play around with html attributes in the stylesheet (?) i dont remember right now, too long ago that i changed this.

possibly this could change it, but could be wrong entry in my used css

--- Code: ---#diagramm_og_buero_sensor img.Zoom-in { height:0px; width:0px; }
#diagramm_og_buero_sensor img.Zoom-out { height:0px; width:0px; }
#diagramm_og_buero_sensor img.Prev { height:0px; width:0px; }
#diagramm_og_buero_sensor img.Next { height:0px; width:0px; }

--- Ende Code ---
diagramm_og_buero_sensor is the name of my svg plot, but this is possibly a wrong version of my tries to fix this for me.


There is no attribute for that, but (as tux75at already described) you can use CSS to hide it. The now default f18 style enables you to add your own CSS directives ("Additional CSS" in the Select style section), which again is stored in an attribute. I would use the "display:none;" CSS directive instead of setting width and height to 0, but this is probably a question of taste, and the result is the same.


I'm using the F18 , and I'm trying it on my phone to get it right

The additoinal css must only contain?

--- Code: ---display:none;

--- Ende Code ---

Or should I include something of the graph , SVG_FileLog_Buitentemp_1?

Or do I need to include the the room "Buiten" ?

Should I enablt the css for the F18 somewhere?


--- Zitat ---The additoinal css must only contain?
--- Ende Zitat ---

No, it must contain something like:

--- Code: ---div.SVGlabel>a>svg { display: none; }
--- Ende Code ---

To remove it in just one room:

--- Code: ---div[room=ROOMNAME] div.SVGlabel>a>svg { display: none; }
--- Ende Code ---

This is unmodified CSS, the element can be identified in the browser by right-Click=>inspect.
Of course a little bit of CSS knowledge is helpful.


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