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EbusD - problem with reading gas consumption


I have a Vaillant vc-206 / 5-5 R6 ecotec plus stove.
The problem is with reading the values ​​of the PrEnergySumHc1 and PrEnergyCountHc1 keys. the point is, the value is constant (4,294,967,237.0) and never changes. I don't know if it's a problem with the stove or with the csv file.

Command: ebusctl grab result all gives the result:
3108b509030df500 / 04c5ffffff = 234: bai PrEnergySumHc1
3108b509030df600 / 0447036401 = 237: bai PrEnergyCountHc1

ebusctl info
version: ebusd 21.2.v21.2
update check: version 21.3 available
signal: acquired
symbol rate: 77
max symbol rate: 136
min arbitration micros: 1
max arbitration micros: 4454
min latency symbol: 0
max latency symbol: 41
reconnects: 1
masters: 2
messages: 224
conditional: 3
poll: 0
update: 10
address 03: master # 11
address 08: slave # 11, scanned "MF = Vaillant; ID = BAI00; SW = 0104; HW = 7803", loaded "vaillant / bai.308523.inc", "vaillant / 08.bai.csv"
address 31: master # 8, ebusd
address 36: slave # 8, ebusd
I would like to add that it also has a 700 room regulator, which does not seem to be recognized.

My adapter is http://blog-techniczny.pl/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/ebus-ttl-converter.jpg

Has anyone had a similar problem and was it solved?

---------- EDIT --------
Probably the problem is the value of the register bai PrEnergySumHc1 = 4294967237 that is 2 ^ 32.

In the bai.308523.inc file I put "w" next to the appropriate register and when trying to save the following code is returned: ERR: element not found

Can wear records only be modified from the installer or am I doing something wrong?



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