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Hi. I have connected the Enocean module to my raspberry pi and installed fhem which has been discovered.
I have a aico smoke detector which runs homelink and connects the smoke detectors via RF. is there any way I can use fhem with the Enocean transceiver to receive and relay any messages sent over RF? I would ideally like to forward the RF messages to home assistant to enable me to get notifications if the smoke detector is set off when I am away from home.

Many thanks.


There are more things than just frequency: protocol!

The frequency of the enocean module is 868MHz but it only can "talk" enocean "language"...

So receiving of any rf signal in 868MHz: yes
Understand: probably not
Forward: no

Regards, Joachim
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ZitatThere are more things than just frequency: protocol!
...and modulation and datarate and encoding and ... :)