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Restore Lightscenes possible?


Dear all,

I had to reinstall FHEM, and I am n ow looking for a way to restore the light scenes I have created in the old install. I have a backup of them and all its folders, is this possible?

As far as I see from the code, the LightScene data is writte to a file, wich is written in the same directory as the statefile, with the name LightScenes.save. The default should be log/LightScenes.save in the /opt/fhem directory. If you are using configDB, then this file is written to the database, see the configDB help on how to extract it.

I might be wrong, as I never used LightScene.


--- Zitat von: rudolfkoenig am 30 September 2022, 09:54:00 ---I might be wrong, as I never used LightScene.

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No, you're absolutely right.

It might be necessary to stop fhem prior to replace the file from a backup.

Thanks !


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