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Advices - What wired technology ?
« am: 20 Januar 2014, 10:54:36 »
I need some advice about the choice of the technology.
Do you know what is the best and most reliable wired technology compatible with FHEM ?
(I need to monitor power consumption, temperature, et trigger electrical relay)
And if it possible I want to monitor the electrical dephasing ?

The other important thing is the length of the wire. it should be at least 50m. (if it’s possible)

Any idea ?

kind regards,

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Antw:Advices - What wired technology ?
« Antwort #1 am: 19 Februar 2014, 22:49:51 »
1wire is cheap and works good. You can measure temperature and trigger relays the rest i don't know. But keep in mind that the polling of the 1wire bus is not very fast.

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Antw:Advices - What wired technology ?
« Antwort #2 am: 20 Februar 2014, 19:26:21 »
It is unclear what you mean by "best".

The most reliable wired system is of course TCP/IP  - use FHEM to read another system via Ethernet.

If you do not want to put in 50 m of STP cable: 1-Wire. you need a cable with shield and 3-4 inner wires.

"Speed" is relative.

Also not clear is what you mean be electrical dephasing - do you mean the phase angle ?