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Request for Log Data and Files
« am: 12 Juni 2014, 13:48:50 »
Dear All,

My name is Sangogboye Fisayo Caleb, I am an Erasmus Masters Student of PERCCOM (Pervasive Computing and Communications for Sustainable Development). I am currently working on my Masters Thesis titled Analyzing and Computing the gain of (level of sustainability) for building Automation.

For this research I will need  information about individual home automation and analysis of various log files and energy consumption data to calculate the gain of investing in Automation. These data will be used solely for this research purpose.

Please kindly fill this questionnaire:

I will appreciate your contribution to my Master's Research.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Fisayo Sangogboye B.Sc (Computer Science, First Class Hons.), MIMS
Department of Computer Science,
PERCCOM University,
Hochschule Harz.
Wernigerode, Germany.

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Antw:Request for Log Data and Files
« Antwort #1 am: 23 Juli 2014, 20:58:56 »
Hi Fisayo,

I filled the survey, but I did not know what log file you wanted. Could you please specify?
I think, one of your tasks is to calculate the break even for home automation, isn't it?

Thanks and regards.

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Antw:Request for Log Data and Files
« Antwort #2 am: 25 Juli 2014, 10:01:39 »
Dear Sir,
Thank you for taking time to fill out my survey.
To carryout the analysis, I will need the log data of each FS20 device and FHT Devices.

For the FS20 Devices, I will require
1. data about the capacity of each device in Kw/H,
2. The type of device(lamp, stereo etc) and
3. the log files(on/off) and the electricity cost for a year.

For the FHT Devices, I will require for each device
1. the log data of the room temperature,
2. the log data of the valve in percentage(%n) and
3. the annual cost of heating.

For the solar panels, I will require
1. the log data of the energy production(if there is any) or the capacity of each unit in Kw/H,
2. how many units are installed, 
3. the total cost of the solar panel,
4. government subsidy on total cost and installation(if there us any),
5. the total contribution to the national grid(if there is any)

With this information, I can use some the tools I have developed to analyse your data and predict your break-even point.

Please note that all information and data provided are used solely and only for this research and not for any other purpose whatsoever.

Thank you sir.

Fisayo Sangogboye