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Setting Up FHZ1300
« am: 27 Januar 2013, 23:50:14 »
   Have just discovered FHEM. I have installed 3 zones of heating control. 3 each FHT thermostats controlling 2 valves in each zone.
Purchased FHZ1300 which took sometime to figure out how to connect FHEM to FHZ1300.

I thought it might be of interest to other beginers how I completed the task.

Installed the supplied software

Device Manager in Universal Serial Bus Controllers created

ELV 1300 PC
right click Properties select Advance and check VCP .. Virtual Com Port

Device Manager
Ports (Com LPT)
should now have
ELV 1300 PC with an exclamation mark ! as no drivers installed
right click update drivers
Select browse My Computor
Select let me select driver
select have disk browse to ELV disk and drivers folder.
Install driver.
Once complete reboot
Device Manger .. Again honset this is the last time :)
should now show
ELV 1300 PC com 6 .. or which ever comport has been installed take note and open fhem.cfg

define FHZ FHZ COM6.. or which ever port number was set in Device Manager. Also add
define fhz_timer at +*00:01:00 set FHZ time   # this set FHEM to scan for updates every minute, probably should be more like 00:05:00 which would be every 5 minutes.

Hopefully the above is of some use to others.

No Doubt I will be back with some questions :)


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Aw: Setting Up FHZ1300
« Antwort #1 am: 28 Januar 2013, 00:00:53 »
   It would be helpfull for a detailed info on how to accomplish this.

I tried set LivingRoom desired-temp 24   on the command box in fhem
in the livingroom.log 2013-01-27_21:19:59 LivingRoom desired-temp 24
but 30 minutes later ther has been no further entries in the log and the FHT did not update.

regards jolly1


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Antw:Setting Up FHZ1300
« Antwort #2 am: 26 Januar 2015, 06:22:34 »
part of your log file. This seems to indicate that you are still running your CUL in MAX mode (and have exceeded the transfer limit for that protocol).