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Development IDE
« am: 19 Februar 2017, 14:01:38 »

Anyone suggest a fhem module development setup (or even just for myUtils routines)?   What IDE, etc. and how to config it.  I currently have my fhem test setup running on a raspberry pi so a web base remote IDE would work for that, or I could set up a test fhem installation on my windows PC (wiki has how to do that without registry entries).  I already have padre perl IDE and stawberry perl on my PC if that helps.


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Antw:Development IDE
« Antwort #1 am: 19 Februar 2017, 14:55:26 »
I use a simple text editor that has context highlighting and then ssh to my live fhem system when I am ready. On occasions I have set up another Pi with an offline fhem instance.
I have not found a need for anything more complicated than that so far

I forgot mc (midnight commander) but of course mc is an essential on any linux system ;)
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Feel free to follow up in German if you prefer

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Antw:Development IDE
« Antwort #2 am: 19 Februar 2017, 15:07:59 »
IMHO there is no IDE for Fhem as such. It has fairly moderate requirements for its environment.

I recommend getting FHEM via SVN on your local machine. I am using Versions as a GUI on my Mac (quite nasty but AFAIK there does not seem to be any alternative).
For Windows, I believe a combination of TortoiseSVN and PuTTY is the way to go.

Second, install one (or even many) Perl versions using Perlbrew (I believe for Windows you would want to have a deeper look to berrybrew). It will help you to test using different Perl versions.
You might also want to install cpanm for easy Perl module installation (also see here).

Personally, I prefer the TextMate2 editor on my Mac. However, for multi-platform I believe you might want to go for Atom.

TextMate has direct support for perl-tidy to clean-up and structure your code which I find to be very useful and convenient. For Atom, there seems to be a package for integration as well.

Hope this helps to get started.

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FHEM 5.9dev auf Intel NUC mit Proxmox VE
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Antw:Development IDE
« Antwort #3 am: 24 März 2017, 18:07:15 »
I use Eclipse + EPIC plugin to develop my fhem stuff. On a Linux PC.

It's heavyweight and needs experience but works well, mostly - breakpoints can be feisty and the way fhem runs user modules can confuse you and/or the perl debugger. Ignoring the debugging side, just having a really powerful IDE is a joy.

I don't know (and don't want to know!) what the Windows experience would be.