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ELtako PCT14 and raspberry pi setup ?
« am: 31 Juli 2017, 22:12:31 »
I have a good working enocean system today in my home, but i want the option to control it over the mobile with a Raspberry Pi and the Eltako module .
My question is how do i connect my allready working system with the Raspberry system, is there an easy option to copy all the ”funk taster” programming so i they also work with the Rasbperry og do i have to teach all the codes in again to the Raspberry?
Sorry for this ”stupit” question but i am a newbie to the raspberry thing so hoping for some help.

My setup  at the moment is a Eltako FAM14 with a couple of FSR14-4X and some FUD14.
All my house is set up with this system and programmed with ELTAKO PCT14 software for windows.

I do understand german but have problems writing in german so therefore in english ( feel free to reply in german)

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Antw:ELtako PCT14 and raspberry pi setup ?
« Antwort #1 am: 18 März 2018, 10:36:40 »
Would you join my poll about experiences with Eltako PCT14 and fhem? Would be very glad, as I have to decide about a system in my main switch..,85880.0.html
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