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user reading to remove unit of measurement
« am: 22 Dezember 2017, 21:45:54 »

I'm using the SmartmeterP1 and this gives a reading

ElectricityPowerDelivered    0.34 kW

I want to use the value for other stuff and publish it to mqtt topic, but the value is than 0.34 kW

So what I want is to remove te kW . I think this is possible with userreadings? Anybody knows how to do it?

thnx Richard

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Antw:user reading to remove unit of measurement
« Antwort #1 am: 22 Dezember 2017, 21:56:20 »
Hi Richard,

yes userReadings using split oder ReadingsNum...
...or just send not the Value using ReadingsVal use ReadingsNum instead...

Bye, Joachim
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