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Off the shelf solution?
« am: 01 April 2018, 10:29:22 »

There didn't seem a suitable forum to post my question in so I've opted for English Corner since I'm posting in english.

I've had a change of plans forced on me.  I was going to have a heating system with max thermostats on all radiators with fhem running on pi and a home brew interface to the boiler via an opentherm interface.  Now I want something off the shelf as I think a custom system like I was going to do would put off a buyer of the house.  Ideally I'd still like to use max thermostats on the radiators as I've bought them.  The boiler will take an external sensor to adjust the water temperature so I can use that to control the return flow (i.e. run cooler during spring/autumn for greater efficiency).  Hence I could run boiler on/off as normal.  Is there any off the shelf solution for max to enable the boiler if there is demand from the radiators?

Or any suggestions for off the shelf solutions?  Ideally I'd like some spare i/o for other functions too but bottom line is I want something that won't put off a prospective house buyer.


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Antw:Off the shelf solution?
« Antwort #1 am: 24 Juli 2018, 12:40:07 »
There is not really an off the shelf solution unless you perhaps integrate with maybe Nest using the MQTT ability of FHEM. I left the Drayton time controlling the boiler but just used some Sonoff to controll the hotwater and central heating in parallel. FHEM controls the older FS20 radiator valves and I have a MAxCube! and HomeAssistant controlling the newer eq-3 Max! radiator valves. That way if I had to move I just put back the original TRV heads and remove the Sonoff and everything goes back to normal and I take my home automation with me.

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Antw:Off the shelf solution?
« Antwort #2 am: 29 Juli 2018, 18:08:27 »
Of course, there are many off-the-shelf solutions.

The heating should have a commercial controller, installed by a so-called professional (enforced by law in Germany, but also necessary if one wants to sell the house). Autonomous heating control is a "must".

Everything else (including FHEM) should run on top of this, such that it can be removed. Some years ago I installed such a system, see,29737.0.html and, running perfectly since then.