Autor Thema: [PATCH] fixe sending cmd 0x5 (set measurement ) & repeaterLevel  (Gelesen 431 mal)

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While trying to test my Nodon ASP-2-1-01 Metering Smart Plug  (EEP profile D2-01-0B) with Fhem I noticed that there were some small operating bugs when sending:
- the command 0x5 for "set measurement" options
- the repeaterLevel
I also added the possibility to enable or not the "powerFailure" detection.
Maybe could i have @klaus.schauer's opinion?

Nodon ref:
here is the patch attached.

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Thank you for the proposed changes.  I have adopted the changes almost completely. However, the energy consumed will continue to be displayed uniformly in the kWh unit.

Offline phmio

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Thank you for the reply.
I had modified the energy consumed to respect the low level EEP 2.6.8 specifications which indicates that if unit=0x01 we have Wh unit. The conversion being left to the user according to his wishes for the display. But I had not realized the fact that this feature had already been in use for a long time and a modification could cause problems on existing installations  ;)

Otherwise, one annoying thing is that Power and Energy each have different measurementDelta, measurementUnit, responseTimeMax, responseTimeMin values and so, if for example we set measurementMode from Power to Energy then the values already configured into the Metering Smart Plug for Energy will be overwritten by those displayed by the Power readings.
I'm still a beginner with Fhem... so is there a way to manage separate readings for Power and Enegry mode?