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Antw:mqtt2.template: bugs, Fragen, Anregungen
« Antwort #480 am: 21 Oktober 2021, 15:28:02 »
Hello back,

afaik, there's no one working on this atm, so I'm pretty sure quite some people will be very glad if there's already suitable attrTemplates available the moment they update the zigbee2mqtt service ;) .

Most likely opening up a new thread (in MQTT) might be a good approach, starting perhaps with a rather simple (dimmable) light to highlight the differences? Then we may decide how to get the transition done for the entire set of affected templates, as I assume we will have to offer both versions (at least for some time).

As format, I'm quite open to any method you prefer - as long as it is (more or less) just possible to copy paste your input (e.g. appended or code-tagged diff or (unformatted) txt is ok).
Having a link with some kind of summary wrt the changes would be fine as well :) .
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