Can't reach any enocean device

Begonnen von xypzo, 16 Oktober 2023, 19:45:36

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Hi, since May 1st I can't connect to any Eltako device from fhem.
My fhem frontend devices i made myself work, i can switch all lights etc with the Fhem UI.
But my FT55 switches are not recognised since then, also all actor (fud61) readings are not updated .

I use a FAM-USB tcm 300 on a Raspberry Pi, it works because I can reach all teached-in actuators with the frontend UI.

defmod TCM_ESP2_2 TCM ESP3 /dev/ttyUSB2@57600
attr TCM_ESP2_2 .chipIDSaved 0103738A
attr TCM_ESP2_2 baseID FFB9C500
attr TCM_ESP2_2 group Antennes
attr TCM_ESP2_2 icon cul_868
attr TCM_ESP2_2 learningMode demand
attr TCM_ESP2_2 room antennes
attr TCM_ESP2_2 sendInterval 15
attr TCM_ESP2_2 smartAckLearnMode simple
attr TCM_ESP2_2 smartAckMailboxMax 0
attr TCM_ESP2_2 verbose 1

setstate TCM_ESP2_2 initialized
setstate TCM_ESP2_2 2023-10-16 19:13:24 baseID BaseID: FFB9C500 RemainingWriteCycles: 0A
setstate TCM_ESP2_2 2023-10-16 19:23:31 maturity 01
setstate TCM_ESP2_2 2023-10-16 19:23:31 repeater RepEnable: 00 RepLevel: 00
setstate TCM_ESP2_2 2023-10-16 19:23:31 state initialized
setstate TCM_ESP2_2 2023-10-16 19:23:31 version APIVersion: 02060D01 APPVersion: 020F016E ChipID: 0103738A ChipVersion: 454F0103 Desc: DOLPHINSNIFFER

And my Switches and Actors look like this:
defmod SlaapkamerSwitch EnOcean 00229B4F
attr SlaapkamerSwitch IODev TCM_ESP2_2
attr SlaapkamerSwitch manufID 7FF
attr SlaapkamerSwitch model ft55
attr SlaapkamerSwitch room Unsorted
attr SlaapkamerSwitch subType switch

setstate SlaapkamerSwitch BI
setstate SlaapkamerSwitch 2023-10-16 19:23:29 IODev TCM_ESP2_2
setstate SlaapkamerSwitch 2023-04-30 01:30:36 buttons released
setstate SlaapkamerSwitch 2023-04-30 01:30:36 channelB BI
setstate SlaapkamerSwitch 2023-04-30 01:30:36 state BI

defmod SlaapkamerActuator EnOcean 01031163
attr SlaapkamerActuator IODev TCM_ESP2_2
attr SlaapkamerActuator manufID 00D
attr SlaapkamerActuator room Unsorted
attr SlaapkamerActuator stateFormat sensor2
attr SlaapkamerActuator subType eltakoDimmer

setstate SlaapkamerActuator 0
setstate SlaapkamerActuator 2023-04-30 01:30:38 D0 0
setstate SlaapkamerActuator 2023-04-30 01:30:38 D1 0
setstate SlaapkamerActuator 2023-04-30 01:30:38 D2 0
setstate SlaapkamerActuator 2023-04-30 01:30:38 D3 1
setstate SlaapkamerActuator 2023-10-16 19:23:29 IODev TCM_ESP2_2
setstate SlaapkamerActuator 2023-04-30 01:30:37 buttons pressed
setstate SlaapkamerActuator 2023-04-30 01:30:37 channelB BI
setstate SlaapkamerActuator 2023-04-30 01:30:38 sensor1 2
setstate SlaapkamerActuator 2023-04-30 01:30:38 sensor2 0
setstate SlaapkamerActuator 2023-04-30 01:30:38 sensor3 0
setstate SlaapkamerActuator 2023-04-30 01:30:38 state 2

The biggest thing is that I cant teach in new stuff, so when I delete a switch to reinstall, it will not autocreate or anything, so I suspect the TCM

Please help ( Oh I am a total n00b with coding, a real copy-past knight! )