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It works pretty well but it's still work in progress..... I've just realised that the notify can work directly with the HCS but you still need a dummy switch for it to turn on and off, as it doesn't work with the Fht8v... Might be able to with some sort of mask, though. Not figured that one out. The HCS is configure here for the boiler dummy.. It'll pick up all the FHTs and ignore the ones your chosen to ignore...

define boiler dummy
attr boiler setList on off
define control HCS boiler
define pseudoboiler FHT8V 1234
# you have to then pair it with the fht8w... Clicking pair when the fht8w is in learning mode....

# these then set the pseudoboiler according to what the heating control is set at. This will then turn on the fht8w when heat is demanded..
define boilernotify notify boiler:on set pseudoboiler valve 100
define boilernotifyoff notify boiler:off set pseudoboiler valve 0

# but I've found that you can actually directly monitor the HCS.... Which turns the boiler dummy on AND the pseudoboiler. This might have # the advantage that the command it issued frequently which means the boiler is unlikely to remain switched on if something happens to # # fhem and the off is not issued... Otherwise a watchdog might do the trick.... As the fht8vs normally receive a command fairly frequently...

define HCSon notify control:demand set boiler on, set pseudoboiler valve 100
define HCSoff notify control:idle set boiler off, set pseudoboiler valve 0

My only issue so far is hat upon reboot or sometimes the HCS says its initialized and not idle... Which seems to happen upon reboot...I MIT try a

define HCSinitialized notify control:initialized setstate control idle; set boiler off; set pseudoboiler valve 0

Let me know how it works...it'll essentially work like that extra relay but its free...  And a couple of min delay... i changed the hcs update time to 5min....If you use all four notifys then you can also control the boiler with the on off. Although having said that the HCS will still override it.  I also have a graph of it but I'm very confused about how I got it to work... It's all a bit of a botch job.... Certainly not worthy of posting....I've just noticed that there are commas and semi colons separating multiple commands... No idea why...I've jut copied these out of my .cfg file!

Over to you...