WOL Wake on Lan and remote shutdown information

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I'm sharing my findings hoping it will help others.

For WOL, wake on lan, to work in FHEM you need to update your FHEM to the lastest version.

Also you WOL client needs to be enabled, notice these things;

-On the properties of your NIC in device manager, WOL needs to be enbled.  On modern computers it's under 'Power Management' tab of your NIC properties in device manager. In older computers it might be under the Advanced tab.

-In the BIOS of your computer WOL has to be enabled, usually it's Advanced Settings, power on by PCIE devices and/or Power On by Onboard LAN.

-WOL might not work for Windows 8 user because Windows 8 has 'fast startup'. This needs to be disabled. In windows, go to Power Options, Choose what the Power buttons do, and deselect 'Turn on fast startup'. I really didnt notice it booting slower, and WOL works perfectly after deselecting it.

- You can test your WOL setup without FHEM using your phone or a latop or a other computer in your network. Android market has several APP's to WOL devices in your  LAN.

So much for the power on part, now for the 'power off part';

To shutdown a windows client from the linux bash you have to issue the command:

net rpc shutdown -I [ipadress] -U username%password -f

This command only works if you have install the Samba-common-bin;

apt-get install samba-common-bin

On you windows client you wish to shut down you have to;

-Go to services, select the remote registry service, put it on auto start, and start it.

-Use regedit to; make a dword value in; HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/System
-Name it: LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy
-Give it value 1

SMSPassword redundant two-factor authentication for Netscaler, Vmware View, Cisco, Juniper, etc via SMS



thanks for the hints.

Another recomendation would be to use the RCC module from the contrib page. WoL setup on the remote PC as you describe below. Besides Wake-Up and Shut-Down, the module allows to go to hibernate, reboot etc. It also allows to start ceratin software and for instance select the default sound-card on the remote PC. I'm using this module for more than a year now without any hazzle. Just a cool thing.


As the Wiki links to this thread, I'd like to add my solution to WOL with perl based on the wakeonlan package from Ubuntu: