Replacements for busware Cul and EQ3 TRVs

Begonnen von Bob B, 16 April 2022, 13:13:27

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Bob B

I've been developing my HA (here in the UK) for 5 years on a CUL and "eqiva" MAX EQ3 basic trvs driven by FHEM/ culfw.
Control is with Node Red, UI is with Vue. Boiler and zone control is bespoke hw and sw.  It is totally isolated from the internet.

1. The trvs are obsolete now and are starting to fail (at a rate of 1 per year).
2. I need another CUL but can get no response from I assume they're out of business?

3. As far as I can tell, replacing the trvs/CUL is not really a viable proposition. (Am writing to Conrad to check the eqiva situation)
There doesn't appear to be any hardware available in the UK with published interfaces using (intranet only) wireless (not Bluetooth) trvs. (Loads of marketing vapourware but nothing off the shelf)

I would love someone to tell me I'm wrong as I have a lot invested in my HA!

Thanks for any thoughts.


I'm quite sure that I dont know the whole market, but maybe the following can still help:

As for the CUL replacement:
there are a lot of clones/derivatives, look for nanoCUL or mapleCUN / mapleCUX. They are also sold on ebay or amazon.
Our wiki entries:

As for the TRV alternatives:
Aside from bluetooth I know of Homematic(IP), ZWave and Zigbee ones. All of them would require a different transceiver, but they all can be controlled (directly or indirectly) by FHEM.

Bob B

Excellent answer! Vary helpful links too. Thanks so much Rudolf.
At a glance, the best answer for me is to get a basic Zigbee transceiver/stick & trv to play with, then incrementally switch eqiva trvs as they fail.


ZigBee and Homematic-IP will require external software (at least) as well.
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