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Habe die aktuelle Version mit FHEM_5_4 getagged, die .tar.gz/debian/FB7390/FB7270 Pakete getestet und alles auf fhem.de hochgeladen.

Fuer alle die update verwenden, hat sich nichts geaendert. Fuer alle anderen hier eine Zusammenfassung (ist auf fhem.de auch sichtbar):

 - feature: updatefhem will be silently converted to update
  - feature: FHEMWEB: save button replaced with the menu entry "Save config"
  - feature: notify supports $NAME/$EVENT/$EVTPART0/etc. @/% is deprecated.
  - feature: 93_DbLog extended to give more functions for the charting frontend.
             This includes new queries for raw table data and also statistics,
             which get sum/max/min/avg values from the database.
             Documentation has been updated.
  - feature: new module 31_LightScene to save and restore the state of a
             group of lights and other actors
  - feature: VIERA module added (by teevau)
  - change:  FHEMWEB: the first webCmd argument is no longer used by the
             state-icon, this can be implemented by the new devStateIcon
  - change:  30_HUEDevice: allow autodetection of bridge with hue portal
  - feature: THRESHOLD Module by Damian
  - change:  30_HUEDevice: use new devStateIcon feature to show device color
             in room overview
  - feature: added example Setup SQL and configuration for SQLite
  - change:  modified MySQL Setup SQL to use 512 characters in EVENT column
  - feature: added new Javascript Frontend based on ExtJS (by Johannes)
  - feature: new modules 30_HUEBridge and 31_HUEDevice for phillips hue and
             smartlink devices (by justme1968)
  - change:  SYSSTAT: allow remote monitoring by ssh
  - change:  SYSSTAT: allow less frequent updates for diskusage
  - feature: new module 32_SYSSTAT to monitor system load and disk usage
             on linux FHEM hosts (by justme1968)
  - feature: new Module 73_PRESENCE to make automatic presence detection of
             mobile phones or other mobile devices (like tablets) via ping or
             bluetooth checks (by M. Bloch)
  - feature: new Module 98_Heating_Control to switch heatsinks automaticly
             with a weekly profile (by D. Ortmann / T. Faust)
  - feature: new Module 93_DbLog.pm for logging events into Databases.
             Generating Plots with weblinks are supportet.
             (by B. Neubert / T. Faust)
  - feature: new Module 59_HCS.pm for monitoring heating valves (FHT, HM-CC-VD)
             to contral a central heating unit. I thank Benjamin for his
             support! (M.  Fischer)
  - feature: new Module 72_FB_CALLMONITOR for receiving telephone call events
  - feature: new Module 71_YAMAHA_AVR.pm for controlling Yamaha AV receivers
             over network (by Markus)
  - feature: optional second parameter to fhem() to make it silent
  - feature: autoloading commands, XmlList/etc renamed from 99 to 98.
  - feature: FHEMWEB returns external files in chunks to save memory
  - feature: commandref.html splitted: documentation is now appended to the
  - change:  introduced readingsBulkUpdate, readingsSingleUpdate
  - change:  added GPLv2 licensing information
  - feature: FLOORPLAN added fp_setbutton attribute
  - bugfix:  FHEMWEB slider with min > 0
  - change:  FHEMWEB CORS moved to options
  - change:  FHEMWEB closing old TCP connections
  - change:  FHEMWEB added "Associated with" to detail-screen (Uli)
  - change:  FHEMWEB added ETag headers (Matthias)
  - change:  FHEMWEB devStateIcon added
  - change:  HOWTO auf deutsch (ilmtuelp0815)
  - change:  98_update.pm due a (probable) bug in perl, modules are no longer
             loading automatically. A restart is required now! (M. Fischer)
  - feature: 98_update.pm saves the statefile before an update (M. Fischer)
  - feature: FHEMWEB longpoll reconnect (Matthias)
  - bugfix:  rename may overwrite other devices
  - feature: FLOORPLAN longpoll (Matthias)
  - feature: support for recurring events added in 57_Calendar.pm (Boris)
  - feature: added support for OWL CM119,CM160 and CM180, energy sensors in
             TRX_WEATHER using RFXtrx433 (Willi Herzig)
  - feature: added support for KD101 smoke sensor (also set alert and pair) in
             TRX_SECURITY using RFXtrx433 (Willi Herzig)
  - change:  changed dewpoint to work with event-on-change-reading and
             technoline TX3TH (Willi Herzig)
  - feature: new command fheminfo. Shows system informations. (M. Fischer)
  - feature: added support for UV sensors in TRX_LIGHT using RFXtrx433 (Willi
  - feature: added on-till and on-timer for set in TRX_LIGHT using RFXtrx433
             (Willi Herzig)
  - feature: generate devices with hexcodes as state for unknown types in
             TRX_ELSE using RFXtrx433 (Willi Herzig)
  - feature: new modules 10_OWServer.pm and 11_OWDevice.pm to interface with
  - feature: stateFormat (readingsFn modules) and showInternalValues attributes
  - feature: new readingsFn modules: FS20 CUL_WS HMS CUL_EM CUL_TX EnOcean ZWave
  - change:  BS, USF1000, ECMDDevice, Weather, dummy migrated to readingsFN
  - feature: telnet client mode
  - bugfix:  FHEMWEB longpoll misses initial state change (HM: set_on vs. on)
  - change:  20_OWFS.pm, 21_OWTEMP modules flagged as "deprecated". These
             modules will be removed in a future release. Use OWServer /
             OWDevice instead. (M. Fischer)
  - feature: a lot of new features and known 1-wire slaves to OWServer /
             OWDevice added (M. Fischer)
  - feature: set-extensions (additional set commands) for FS20, EnOcean, ZWave
  - feature: added new command 'notice'. (M. Fischer)
  - change:  update supports the display and confirmation of system messages
             via the new notice command (M. Fischer)
  - feature: added new set commands and basicauth to 49_IPCAM.pm (M. Fischer)
  - feature: userReadings
  - feature: average supports more than one value in combined readings (T:x H:y)
  - feature: FHEMWEB serves arbitrary files from the www directory
  - feature: FB_checkPw now works with a distinct fritzbox user
  - bugfix:  floorplan-correction for readings with longpoll. Requires local
             change in css!
  - feature: floorplan added js-extension from Dirk
  - feature: hour resolution in SVG
  - feature: ZWave support for MULTI_CHANNEL class
  - feature: FHEMWEB: old-dir-support removed, image-indexing rebuilt,
              smallscreen/touchpad moved to stylesheetPrefix, menuEntries
              added, Extend devStateIcon, js setting of attr values in detail
              screen, live slider update in detail and room view
  - feature: added support for third-party packages to 98_update.pm (M. Fischer)
  - feature: FBAHA/FBDECT for FRITZ!DECT devices
  - feature: event-min-interval Attribute