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Begonnen von rudolfkoenig, 29 September 2013, 14:04:34

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Habe die aktuelle Version mit FHEM_5_5 getagged, es jeweils oberflaechlich unter OSX, Windows, Ubuntu und FritzBox 7390 getestet, und auf fhem.de hochgeladen.

Folgendes gibt es in dem neuen Paket zusaetzlich zu einem normalen update:
- ein fhem.demo.cfg samt demolog Verzeichnis.
- fuer beide Fritzbox-Varianten Heavy.pl wg. Unicode hinzugefuegt
- auf der FB7390 die lib/*.ko Dateiberechtigungen gefixed.
- fhem.cfg enthaelt eine eventTypes Definition um das FHEMWEB-FileLog-Editieren zu erleichtern

Hier der Abschnit aus CHANGED:
- 2013-09-29 (5.5)
  - feature: new module 55_PIFACE.pm added (betateilchen)
  - feature: Calendar can read from file and limit number of calendar events
             retrieved in get command
  - feature: new module 70_ENIGMA2.pm added (by loredo)
  - change:  CustomGetFileFromURL() in HttpUtils.pm now reacts to
             "301 Moved Permanently" return code
  - change:  changed exit to POSIX::_exit in 10_OWServer.pm
  - feature: new module 32_mailcheck.pm (by justme1968)
  - feature: TCM: new commands added
  - bugfix:  TCM: TCM_ReadAnswer(): response error corrected
  - feature: readingsGroup: new attribute nolinks
  - feature: readingsGroup: new attribute nameIcon
  - feature: readingsGroup: allow device selecton by TYPE=xxx
  - feature: new module Revolt for Revolt NC-5462 power metering devices.
             (by mehf)
  - feature: HUEDevice: added alert command
  - change:  The DBLOG propagated Attribute DbLogExclude will work as
             regexp to exclude defined readings to log.
             If a MinInterval is set, the logentry is dropped if the
             defined interval is not reached and value vs. lastvalue is eqal
  - change:  readingsGroup added valueFormat
  - feature: new modules JeeLink and PCA301 and for the ELV PCA 301 power
             meter with a JeeLabs JeeLink as RF modem. The matching JeeNode
             sketch can be found in .../contrib/36_PCA301-pcaSerial.zip
             (by justme1968)
  - change:  PRESENCE: using ping command line utility to check presence on Windows
             based machines.
  - feature: install FHEM as Windows service by T.E., see docs/HOWTO_Windows.txt
  - feature: new module 33_readingsGroup to display a collection of readings
             from one or more devices. this will replace weblink readings.
             (by justme1968)
  - feature: setreading command added
  - feature: DbLog: by using DbLog a new Attribute DbLogExclude will be
             propagated to all Devices. DbLogExclue will work as regexp to
             exclude defined readings to log
  - change:  loglevel attribute deprecated/replaced by the verbose attribute
  - change:  VIERA: changed several readings/commands according to
             DevelopmentGuidelinesAV. See FHEM Wiki and commandref for more
  - change:  YAMAHA_AVR: changed several readings/commands and introduced new
             volume handling. please see the commandref for more details
  - change:  weblink fileplot/dbplot converted to SVG device (+FHEMWEB cleanup)
  - change:  VIERA: Added support for get dropdown
  - change:  EnOcean: Manufacturer Specific Applications (EEP A5-3F-7F),
             Shutter: readings position and anglePos are updated automatically,
             if command position is sent and the reading state was changed
             manually to open or closed
  - bugfix:  EnOcean: profile MD15 now sends current temperature values
  - feature: EnOcean: subtype roomSensorControl.05 (Room Sensor and Control
             Unit): actor commands added
  - feature: EnOcean: new sensor device Heating/Cooling Relay
  - feature: EnOcean: new attr sensorMode, temperatureRefDev, humidityRefDev
  - feature: EnOcean: EEP: MSC basic functions implemented (no teach-in)
  - feature: EnOcean: 4BS teach-in with EEP number and Manufacturer ID
  - bugfix:  EnOcean: subtypes tempSensor.??: calculations corrected
  - feature: new module 55_GDS.pm added (betateilchen)
  - feature: HUEDevice: special svg icon for unreachable (hard switched off)
  - feature: FHEMWEB detail screen with get dropdown
  - feature: displayattr command added
  - feature: SYSSTAT: allow (remote) monitoring system uptime
  - feature: new module 98_openweathermap.pm added (betateilchen)
  - feature: WeatherAsHtmlH(), WeatherAsHtmlD() added to 59_Weather.pm (Boris)
  - feature: new module I2C_BMP180 for reading I2C digital pressure sensor
             BMP180 or BMP085 connected to Raspberry Pi (Dirk)
  - feature: new module 35_SWAP_0000002200000003 for panstamp rgb led driver
             board with ir and dmx support
  - feature: 95_remotecontrol does not require a weblink anymore (UliM)
  - feature: optional sleep parameter quiet
  - feature: additional buttons for use with 95_remotecontrol
  - feature: new module 71_LISTENLIVE.pm for use with media players
  - feature: use xhr for colorupdates by colorpicker and rgb presets
  - feature: new module 34_SWAP for generic SWAP protocoll support using
             a panStick and 34_panStamp as IODevice (by justme1968)
  - feature: new module 34_panStamp to use a panStick as a RF modem
             for panStamps using the SWAP protocoll (by justme1968)
  - feature: EGPM2LAN module added for Gembird (R) Energenie LAN Support
  - feature: FHEMWEB use widget module to update colorpicker in longpoll
  - feature: FHEMWEB widget (slider/etc) javascript handler modularized
  - feature: FHEMWEB longpoll in multiple browserwindows
  - feature: fhem.pl: version command added
  - feature: LightScene: add html overview of all configured scenes in
             detail view. allow usage of overview in a weblink.
  - feature: FLOORPLAN: enhanced detail-screen for floorplans in fhemweb,
             arrange-mode has delete-button, new command
                         "get <floorplan-name> config"
  - feature: readings type added to weblink (justme1968)
  - feature: offset and monotonic added to userReadings modifier (justme1968)
  - feature: HUEDevice: support SVG icons for LWB001 living whites bulb
  - feature: HUEDevice: support more than one bridge
  - feature: updateInBackground global attribute
  - feature: SYSSTAT: allow stateFormat
  - feature: Module 70_VIERA supports now module 95_remotecontrol with own
             layout for VIERA TV
  - feature: InternalVal function added (like ReadingsVal)
  - feature: new module speedtest to monitor internet connection speed with
  - feature: new module "remotecontrol" to display a graphical remotecontrol
             for any device
  - feature: HUEDevice: new attribute color-icons to colored svg icons
  - feature: FHEMWEB: longpoll is default now, longpollSVG (default off) added
  - feature: HUEDevice: allow usage of openautomation svg icons
  - feature: FHEMWEB: svg icons / iconPath / www/images/openautomation added
  - feature: FHEMWEB: SVGcache attribute & clearSvgCache set command added
  - feature: SYSSTAT: allow (remote) monitoring raspberry pi on cpu frequency
  - feature: MANTAINER.txt added
  - feature: PRESENCE: new mode "shellscript" to use own
             scripts or binaries for presence recognition
  - feature: YAMAHA_AVR: new set command to select scenes
  - feature: PRESENCE: new attribute ping_count
  - feature: userReadings may have a filter
  - feature: HUEBridge: allow starting of bridge firmware update
  - change:  EnOcean: profile PM101 changed, old profiles FAH, FBH, FTF, SR04
  - feature: TCM: new attr blockSenderID:
             Block receiving telegrams with a TCM SenderID sent by repeaters
  - feature: TCM: For TCM120 Transceiver now the transmission of RPS and 4BS
             commands supported
  - feature: EnOcean: Now all RPS / 1BS profiles, more than 90 4BS profiles and
             some manufacturer specific profiles are supported
  - feature: EnOcean: profiles (subType) are updated from EEP 2.1 to EEP 2.5
  - feature: FHEMWEB attribute roomIcons added
  - feature: SYSSTAT: optionaly calculate geometric average of last 4
             temperature values
  - feature: weblink details screen can be used to edit .gplot files
  - feature: eventTypes module added, to help with FileLog details screen
  - feature: FB_CALLMONITOR: new reverse search provider dasschnelle.at for
             reverse search of austrian telephone numbers
  - bugfix:  event-on-change-reading in combination with event-change-interval
  - change:  HUEDevice: allow color preset buttons in webCmd
  - feature: SYSSTAT: allow (remote) monitoring raspberry pi on chip temperature
  - feature: HUEDevice: use webCmdFn for colorpicker
             added jscolor for colorpicker
  - feature: FHEMWEB: module specific summaryFn/detailFn + defineable webCmdFn
  - change:  ESA2000: adapted device detection , rename readings
  - change:  stucture triggers on each change, see event-on-change-reading
  - feature: PRESENCE: new mode "function" to use own perl functions for
             presence checks
  - bugfix:  fixing not-working FHEM restart, when a PRESENCE check is running
  - bugfix:  fixing memory overflow when "list" a PRESENCE definition
  - bugfix:  fixing dead PRESENCE definitions in case of timeouts
  - bugfix:  update: error while updating single files fixed. (M. Fischer)

Vielen Dank an allen Autoren/Helfer, die Version 5.5. moeglich gemacht haben!

Probleme mit dieser Version bitte wie ueblich in den entsprechenden Forumsabschnitt melden, siehe die MAINTAINER.txt Datei.


P.S. Falls irgendein Last-Minute-Fix es nicht geschafft hat, keine Sorge: update gibt es weiterhin, und 5.6. kommt auch bestimmt :)