Neues Modul für ComfoAir, Paul Santos und Lüftungen mit kompatibler Steuerung

Begonnen von StefanStrobel, 27 Mai 2014, 20:46:58

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Das neue Modul ist nun eingecheckt:

    ComfoAir provides a way to communicate with ComfoAir ventilation systems from Zehnder, especially the ComfoAir 350 (CA350).
    It seems that many other ventilation systems use the same communication device and protocol,
    e.g. WHR930 from StorkAir, G90-380 from Wernig and Santos 370 DC from Paul.
    They are connected via serial line to the fhem computer.

    This module is based on the protocol description at
    and copies some ideas from earlier modules for the same devices that were posted in the fhem forum from danhauck(Santos) and Joachim (WHR962).