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Hi Everyone,

I just found FHEM a few weeks ago and I'm loving it, exactly what I was looking for- simple command line/script based automation.   I started with a Vera 2 and have lots of z-wave devices, mostly binary switches and lights.  Recently I purchased a aeon labs energy meter (Aeon Labs DSB09104-ZWUS).  I have it associated with my z-wave stick (Aeon Labs DSA02203-ZWUS) okay, but I'm not getting any readings.  I assume this is because it's a battery powered device and needs to 'wakeup'.  Any clues?

A copy of my current config file is here:


You either have to configure the device itself to send the required data to FHEM (i.e. to the Association-Group of the ZWave Stick) without a request, or (if the previous method failed) you have to define a notify for DEVICENAME:wakeup:notification sending a "get Device smStatus" or "get Device meter" or both.

Can you tell me the model of this device?
Is it contained in the openzwave database?


Its an Aeon Labs smart energy meter, model DSB09104-ZWUS. It looks like it is in the openzwave database.

        <Manufacturer id="0086" name="Aeon Labs">
                <Product type="0001" id="0001" name="Z-Stick"/>
                <Product type="0001" id="0002" name="Z-Stick S2"/>
                <Product type="0002" id="0001" name="Z-Stick S2"/>
                <Product type="0001" id="0003" name="Minimote" config="aeon_labs/minimote.xml"/>
                <Product type="0002" id="0004" name="Door/Window Sensor" config="aeon_labs/doorwindow.xml"/>
                <Product type="0002" id="001d" name="Door/Window Sensor" config="aeon_labs/doorwindow.xml"/>
                <Product type="0002" id="0005" name="Multi Sensor" config="aeon_labs/alms.xml"/>
                <Product type="0003" id="0006" name="Smart Energy Switch" config="aeon_labs/ses.xml"/>
                <Product type="0001" id="0007" name="Z-Stick S2 Lite"/>
                <Product type="0003" id="0008" name="Smart Energy Illuminator"/>
               <Product type="0002" id="0009" name="Home Energy Meter" config="aeon_labs/hem.xml"/>
                <Product type="0002" id="001c" name="Home Energy Meter G2" config="aeon_labs/hemg2.xml"/>
                <Product type="0003" id="000a" name="Smart Energy 220V Utility Switch"/>
                <Product type="0003" id="000b" name="Smart Energy Strip"/>
                <Product type="0003" id="000c" name="Micro Smart Energy Switch"/>
                <Product type="0003" id="000d" name="Micro Smart Energy Illuminator"/>
                <Product type="0003" id="001b" name="Micro Smart Energy Illuminator G2"/>
                <Product type="0003" id="000e" name="Micro Motor Controller"/>
                <Product type="0003" id="001a" name="Micro Switch (2nd Edition)"/>
                <Product type="0003" id="0012" name="Micro Smart Energy Switch G2" config="aeon_labs/ses.xml" />
                <Product type="0001" id="0016" name="Key Fob" config="aeon_labs/keyfob.xml"/>
                <Product type="0003" id="0011" name="Micro Double Switch" />
                <Product type="0002" id="0036" name="Recessed Door Sensor" config="aeon_labs/recessed_doorsensor.xml"/>

I don't think there is any way to configure it to "send" data.  From what I understand, it does this automatically to whatever controller it's paired with.  The Notify on wakeup sounds like it would work.  I'll play around a little and see what I come up with. 


I dont see a Smart energy meter.

Could you please execute "get Aeon_labs_energy_meter model", and tell me the exact ids?
This would enable a more verbose configuration in FHEM, if the ID is contained in the openzwave database.


get Aeon_labs_energy_meter model
Timeout reading answer for get model


As I cannot imagine, that the device is listening on radio all the time with a battery, I do not know how FHEM is supposed to communicate with it. FHEM collects commands for devices with the WAKE_UP class, and sends the collected requests upon receiving a wakeup:notification. According to your config file the device has the BATTERY but not the WAKE_UP class.