Auriol weather station

Begonnen von HarryT, 28 August 2023, 21:03:08

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Today I bought an Auriol weather station. Its sensor is recognized as a TRH128 sensor by the RFXTRX-XL module (firmware 1043).
Unfortunately I receive only the temperature and the battery status. Has anybody succeeded to get the humidity and the pressure too?

Thanks for any answer
FHEM 6.3 auf Raspberry Pi3  (1,2 Ghz)
RFXTRX433XL, ZWave, KFL200 and ConBeeIII
Raspberry Pi1 (0,7 Ghz) and Raspberry Pi4 for testing
German reading skills are good.


Hello Harry.

I'm afraid Auriol is more or less a collecting term for lots of different weather stations - differentiated by the IAN code. I do have two of them and their data protocols are not the same:
IAN 283582 (white)
IAN 300037 (black)

The outdoor sensors of both of them report temp, hum and bat, but no pressure in any case. The white indoor unit shows pressure but doesn't report those values over the air. The black one has no pressure at all.
With a little luck it could help switching the outdoor sensor's channel to get humidity too. To be honest the chance is not that big.

I do not use the RFXTRX-transceiver any more. I always recommend using Signaldunio or one of its derivatives (e.g. MapleDuino etc.). Because it is very powerful too and gets actively developed by smart guys in this forum here. But you would need other hardware (at least an Arduino + CC1101 Module @433MHz??) and little tinkering.

In your case I would try to check via RFXmngr if it already decodes humidity and shows up in the log and even set in FHEM verbose to 4 or 5 of the involved devices and see if any promising message appears in the FHEM log too.
If yes it should be possible to get those values to FHEM by adding support (inside TRX_WEATHER-module??). If not, it may worth trying to contact the developer of the RFXTRX and ask him if he could implement it.

Kind regards