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Hit another bit of a problem...

I would like to have a drop down box to select time.  So that it is easy to change wake-up times across lots of Heating_Control instances.

if I use

define wakeup dummy
attr wakeup WebCmd state
attr wakeup SetList state:time

I thought that it should give me a javascript drop down time selection.  but it doesn't.  I get a minus button, which when i click gives me 12:00 and a + button..  

try number two...

I only need a small range of times so I've used this...

attr wakeup SetList state:05.00,05.15,05.30,05.45,06.00,06.15,06.30,06.45,07.00,07.15,07.30,07.45,08.00,08.15,08.30,08.45,09.00,09.15,09.30,09.45,10.00

which does work fine... BUT... i can't use the semicolon...  I have to use a .  which doesn't work directly...

can anyone help me
1) figure out why state:time does not work in setlist...
2) how to escape character a semicolon : into the SetList options so i can have 09:00, 09:15 etc etc  (ive tried lots of ways.)
3) replace the . with a : using perl.....  
4) Ideally I would then like to subtract 20-30mins from this to heat the house up by that time... i thought i say a routine that did that, but i cant find it again...

any help with any or all of these would be appreciated... Im keen to learn and there all useful things to know how to do... i've spent awhile bashing my head around...

many thanks in advance..



Same issue here. The state:time command seems to be broken...


Specifying SetList instead of setList gives me an error. Following variants work without problem for me:

define dummy dummy
attr dummy setList state:time
attr dummy webCmd state

define dummy4 dummy
attr dummy4 setList state:05:00,05:15,05:30,05:45,06:00,06:15,06:30,06:45,07:00
attr dummy4 webCmd state

giving events like
2013-04-02 10:35:43.232 dummy dummy 06:55
2013-04-02 10:35:49.935 dummy dummy4 06:00