How to get FHEM to read a value from a file ?

Begonnen von @lex99, 07 Oktober 2017, 22:20:56

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I have a perl script that runs on my Pi (where FHEM is running) and updates a file with a 0 or 1.

I would like FHEM to read that file at certain times (AT command) and depending on the file contents (0 or 1) do an action (or not).

I am stuck: how to get FHEM to read the file ?

Thanks !


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Thanks, it works OK.  For those interested:

I have a Perl script that checks the weather forecast for my town and writes 0 or 1 in the status.txt file, depending if there will be sunshine or not.
Then FHEM reads the file and puts off the heater if sunshine is expected.

In fhem.cfg:
define myMeteo CustomReadings
attr myMeteo interval 3600
attr myMeteo readingDefinitions chauff:qx(cat /mnt/PiBackup/Chauffage/status.txt)

define Chauffage_6 at *06:01:00 IF ([myMeteo:chauff] eq "0") (set 0_Chaudiere off)


for your Info, there is also a perl function inside FHEM ->
Unfortunately this doku is in german.

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