[Solved] Problems with WS-1600 weather station

Begonnen von alangward, 06 Februar 2018, 16:50:18

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I have a setup that currently includes a JeeLink and a TFA Dostmann temperature sensor (model number 30.3159).
This has been working well for the last 6 months using a LaCrosse device set up .

I wanted to increase the range of weather data captured and so have acquired a WS-1600 weather station that uses a TX22 external transmitter. It is working fine - the weather station display showing the external temperature etc.

I am unable to pair the TX22 with my JeeLink.

I have autocreate enabled and have set JLink LaCrossePairForSec 3600 ignore_battery.

What am I doing wrong? Are there any more diagnostics I can get?



The problem was due to the TX22 using a different data rate from my existing data.
It required a different initCommand value to solve it.