Google assistent - the other way around?

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So am using the gassistant module for a while now, and it allows me to control devices in my home network from Google.

However, I'ld like to do that the other way around and issue commands to Google from FHEM instead. For example start (or stop) streaming a radio station on my Nest, turn off the TV through the connected Chromecast, etc. Something like a generic set command such as: "set <gassistant-device> do "hey google, stop playing on living room speaker"

This does not seem to be an option with the current gassistant module. Is there any other way to achieve this?



should be possible using GoogleCast (or ChromeCast) Module:,45505.msg372914.html#msg372914
(if I understood correctly what you mean)

But is a little bit tricky to "install" (not the Module but the prerequisites)...

Regards, Joachim
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