WOL stoped working since last update (

Begonnen von Lectere, 17 Februar 2014, 14:43:00

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Still don't work. In the log it says that i need to run etherwake as root.

I've tried this

Copy to /usr/local/bin, set rights. Change the WOL command to /usr/local/bin/etherwake, rereadcfg.

Still the same; etherwake: this program must be run as root
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Zitat von: Lectere am 09 April 2014, 13:39:42
etherwake: this program must be run as root

I think this does not mean, that you need the root permission to excute the command. The command need the root permission to work properly. Do you tried this?

Zitat von: siggi85 am 18 Februar 2014, 08:11:18
If it is a permission problem you could try
chmod u+s /usr/sbin/etherwake

After that etherwake is always running as root regardless with user start the command etherwake.