Sending values to LCD

Begonnen von djrm, 24 Juli 2014, 21:03:53

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Greetings everyone.
I still quite new to configuring fhem and have what is probably a simpe question to anser please.
I have an LCD device on a 1wore bus which I can write text to like this:
set LCD_Driver line20.0 "hello"
I also have a device which I can display a reading from like this:
{ my @a = split(" ", Value("SolarCharger"));; $a[2] }
I cannot see how to combine these to put the value onto the display.
Whenever I do I see the text of the command on the display, i.e. it is not evaluated but just copied.
Please help me.
Kind regards, David.



not sure, if this question is still open.
Would be great, if you could paste the full code line, that is not working correctly.

I would assume, that this should work:

set LCD_Driver line 20.0 { my @a = split( " ", ReadingsVal( "SolarCharger", "state", "default");; if( @a >= 3 ) { return( $a[2] ) } else { return( "default" );; } }


Thank for the reply, my system has been down for a good while but I'm bringing it back up now so I'll be able to use my display again shortly. Kind regards, David.