event-min-interval and restarts

Begonnen von franc, 30 November 2014, 01:47:59

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I am using event-min-interval to control how often a motion controlled device can fire. It all works well except when I am working on changes to the fhem configuration and do frequent restarts of fhem.

At fhem restart it seems to forget the last time that that the device was fired - does anyone have a suggestion for fixing this ?



Do not use the rereadcfg command, do the changes directly in FHEM (define/attr/etc), and then use save.


The last time I did that, it re-ordered my config files making them much harder to read and understand.


You should not admire the beauty of config-files, just imagine, that fhem.cfg is a database.
If imagination does not help, then convert fhem.cfg to a database, just like betateilchen did it (look for configDB).