Help needed to setup MAX! radiator thermostats, CUL USB dongle

Begonnen von Hadyn98, 28 November 2014, 16:14:29

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I'm interested in using FHEM for controlling my home heating - as I'm sure many people are.     I've bought the following:

1x eQ-3 MAX! radiator thermostat
1x MAX! thermostat with programme
1x CUL USB  transceiver (CC1101 based)
1x Raspberry Pi  Model B+

I've installed FHEM and have it running.
I've programmed CULFW into the CUL USB transceiver   (from here
Using a serial terminal program, I can confirm the CUL has the correct FW version, so its working . And I can make the LED turn on, off, blink , so its responding correctly.

But from all the documentation online , I'm not able to get FHEM to pair with these two wireless thermostats , or even just one of them!

Is there a setup document that describes this?   
Or perhaps someone has done this before and can write down some steps to follow to get the system to work together?
An example FHEM.CFG would be good to show how the thermostat's are configured in FHEM.  I've got the CUL  defined by:

define CUL0 CUL /dev/ttyACM0@9600 1234

Many thanks!



I have heating thermostatas and a Cube so no experience with CUL but pairing was straightforward and as set out in the paper manual with the rad stats

Have you read the wiki!CubeMigrationToFhem?
Feel free to follow up in German if you prefer


Hi fruit

thanks for your reply.  I have not read that page, but I did re-read  and key was

set cm pairmode <number of seconds>

so my fhem.cfg ended up
define CUL0 CUL /dev/ttyACM0@9600 1034
attr CUL0 rfmode MAX
define cm CUL_MAX 123456
set cm pairmode

at this stage, I could execute a raw command "Zr"   (using get, not set),  and then press the boost button for 3 secs on the thermostat. In a few seconds the 30sec countdown disappeared and the wireless symbol was visible on the thermostat.  In FHEM, that thermostat was listed.  I had to repeat for each thermostat.   Potentially a number like 60 after "pairmode" could have let me do more than 1 thermostat at a time.

Now just to (easily) program a weekly schedule, and draw all thermostat temperatures onto a house like picture..

Thanks again!



Glad to hear you have paired your devices successfully.

I have always assumed that a pairmode command is required for each device but I've not tried more than one. It's not something ones needs to do often ;)

I have not found an easy way of setting MAX weekprofiles, it is cumbersome, but I may have missed some in my forum searches.

Be aware that setting weekprofiles can create a lot of traffic and affect your available credits (1% rule), it's dutycycle with MAX Cube, no idea but expect something similar for a CUL
Feel free to follow up in German if you prefer