new entry in fhem.cfg disappears

Begonnen von H3nr1, 30 April 2015, 10:11:55

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When i make a new entry in fhem like this
define onAt at 07:00 set Lamp1,Lamp2 on-for-timer 600
The entry is gone after i save the cfg. I allready set the editconfig to 1 in WEB. I also tried to modify the fhem.cfg with a texteditor but after restart fhem it is also gone.


a on-time at will not be saved to the config file. make it repeating with * and it will be saved.

no need for editing the config file manualy.
hue, tradfri, alexa-fhem, homebridge-fhem, LightScene, readingsGroup, ...



This works now
define onAt at *07:00 set Lamp1,Lamp2 on-for-timer 600