FritzBox call and Text2Speech

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Hello everyone
It seems to me that with latest versions of FHEM it is possible to use Fritz box to alert (call) a telephone number and use a Text2Speech engine to say some words.
I've installed FHEM with Strawberry Perl and I'm able to place a call
but if I use
set FritzBox call 123456 say: fire
the call starts, but I just hear a repeated tone and no TTS.
I have tried searching in the forums, but google translate is not enough and I don't spek german.. is there a guide to configure TTS+Fritz box to make calls with TTS?
Thanks everyone!


I have no answer to your question but often a google search with its different algorithms gets better results than the forum search. Try FritzBox Text2Speech
and I know what you mean with google translate, it can make difficult reading at times!
Feel free to follow up in German if you prefer


I have already done such a search (among others)
It is clear to me that I have to install a TTS engine, the thing I don't understand is if the Fritz Box is able to play a file using TR064 alone. (ie: no Telnet and no WEBCMD)
Right now I can dial a number and hangup using TR064 commands, but I would want to setup an home alarm system able to dial my number and tell me (using TTS) which alarm triggered using TTS.. but the problem is.. is TR064 sufficient to do so?
(being on 6.30 and 6.51 I'm not able to use webcmd anymore)


TTS with call does not work anymore, because AVM has restricted box access.

You either have to use an OS version <= 6.24 or you try this approach with VoIP,50950.msg426363.html#msg426363

TTS for Fritz!Fons (ring) still works with a workaround (see wiki).

If you complain by AVM - perhaps they are finally going to enhance the TR064 capabilities. Currently it is not really usefull for home automation.