TabletUI / CUL show credits

Begonnen von malc_b, 30 Dezember 2016, 12:08:32

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I'm try to get tabletui to show the realtime credit count.  What I have is this:

      <div data-type="label" data-device="cul_MAX" data-get="credit10ms" data-limits="[100,300,400]"
        data-refresh="10" data-colors='["#770000","#007777","#FFFFFF"]' class="big">

That displays the credit count but it does not update.  I think tabletui is updating but I think the count in cul_MAX is not changing.  It does change if I force a page reload.  In standard fhem ui if I do a get cul_MAX credit10ms then I get a pop up with the current value but that doesn't change the cul_max page value (which I guess is why tabletui is static too).  How do get the standard page to auto refresh or get tabletui to use the popup data?


I've found a solution, which is add a timer to get the credits every 5s

define a3 at +*00:00:05 get cul_MAX credit10ms

it's filling up the logs though so is there a way to stop the log entry?