strange message when cancelling alarm

Begonnen von cmillsy, 06 Juli 2017, 14:29:09

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I'm testing out the Alarm module. Everything works as it should be but i've noticed that when cancelling the alarm the message in the output next to the status table seem to be a completly unrelated action. I have a 'at' function to get my pir sensor battery at night call 'getFibaroBat' and it displays this instead of what i might expect to be i.e. 'alarm 7 cancelled' or similar. The message when the alarm is raised is fine i.e. 'intruder level 7' .


Please post a "list" of the concerned devices, and perhaps some log extracts, and explain exactly your actions (how do you cancel the alarm, etc).

It's a bit difficult to figure out what happens with only a plain text empirical description.

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