Enocean dimming not working with Eltako switches when Fhem is connected

Begonnen von fibbi, 26 November 2018, 15:05:58

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I have been running an enocen system at my house with the following setup:
1 pch ELtako FAM14 antenna
3 pcs Eltako FSR 14_4
2 pcs Eltako FUD14
A couple of eltako PMT 210 switches
A raspberry Pi With a TCM310

The system without the PI is originally programmed with ELtako PCT14 software  and my Swithces work a lot it Groups meaning that I have a couple of switches that turn ALL OFF or Turn All on, combined with room switch with multiple FRS / FAM in one switch.
Later on I have installed the Raspberry Pi and it runs as a server. This makes me c control the house when I am away and I can se if some lights are forgotten be be switch off when a guest leaves the house.  I also use Fhem as a timed controller for lights.  So I cant live with out FHEM as this is a guesthouse and we are not always in the house.
But my problem is when I connect my Pi comes online I am not able to Dim up or down with the dimming FUD14 on the physical PMT210 switches,   they can only do OFF or ON ( 100%).  I am though able to dim as I want on my online "switches" via Fhem.    I am sure this is a programming fault of mine but I am not able to see the fault myself, and would appreciate any help.

I have connected everything with notify and it works lovely.

Here is a excamle of the code I have used:

define FUD14_01 EnOcean FFBC7F80
attr FUD14_01 IODev TCM_ESP3_0
attr FUD14_01 alias kitchen lights
attr FUD14_01 devStateIcon on:on dim:dim18% 20:dim18% off:off
attr FUD14_01 eep A5-38-08
attr FUD14_01 gwCmd dimming
attr FUD14_01 manufID 7FF
attr FUD14_01 room EnOcean
attr FUD14_01 subDef FF8F710A
attr FUD14_01 subType gateway
attr FUD14_01 webCmd off:on:dim

define FileLog_FUD14_01 FileLog ./log/FUD14_01-%Y.log FUD14_01
attr FileLog_FUD14_01 logtype text
attr FileLog_FUD14_01 room EnOcean
define FSR14_01_9 EnOcean FFBC7F80
attr FSR14_01_9 IODev TCM_ESP3_0
attr FSR14_01_9 alias ventilation
attr FSR14_01_9 devStateIcon on:on off:off
attr FSR14_01_9 eep A5-38-08
attr FSR14_01_9 eventMap on off
attr FSR14_01_9 gwCmd switching
attr FSR14_01_9 manufID 00D
attr FSR14_01_9 room EnOcean
attr FSR14_01_9 subDef FF8F7109
attr FSR14_01_9 subType gateway
attr FSR14_01_9 webCmd on:off
define FileLog_FSR14_01_9 FileLog ./log/FSR14_01_9-%Y.log FSR14_01_9
attr FileLog_FSR14_01_9 logtype text
attr FileLog_FSR14_01_9 room EnOcean
define EnO_FEF9510A_channelA readingsProxy EnO_FEF9510A:channelA
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelA alias all
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelA room EnOcean
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelA setFn {($ CMD eq "on")? "AI": "A0" ;;;;}
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelA setList off on
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelA valueFn {($ VALUE eq "AI")? "on": "off"}
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelA webCmd on:off
define EnO_FEF9510A_channelB readingsProxy EnO_FEF9510A:channelB
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelB alias outdoor
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelB room EnOcean
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelB setFn {($ CMD eq "on")? "BI": "B0" ;;;;}
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelB setList off on
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelB valueFn {($ VALUE eq "BI")? "on": "off"}
attr EnO_FEF9510A_channelB webCmd on:off