Info! Debian 12.3 image release delayed

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ZitatDue to an issue in the ext4 file system with data corruption in kernel 6.1.64-1, we are pausing the planned Debian 12.3 point release images for today while we attend to fixes.

Please do not upgrade any systems at this time, we urge caution for users with UnattendedUpgrades configured.
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ZitatDecember 10th, 2023

Please be advised that this document has been updated as best to reflect Debian 12.3 being superseded by Debian 12.4. These changes came about from a last minute bug advisory of #1057843 concerning issues with kernel-image-6.1.0-14 (6.1.64-1).

Debian 12.4 is released with kernel-image-6.1.0-15 (6.1.66), along with a few other bug fixes
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