Android App to interract with FHEM "mailcheck" module : "ExpressoMail"

Begonnen von CutDaMuzik, 08 März 2016, 22:13:14

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Hello all,

I've been using FHEM for 6 months now on a Olimex OlinuXino imx233 board, and really appreciate it !
So, first of all, I would like to thank Rudolf Koenig and all module contributors !

Since I did not want to expose my home automation server to the Internet, I've been using FHEM "mailcheck" module to send basic commands -by email- to the server.

But I found it quite annoying to prepare over and over the same e-mails...
Therefore I have developped an Android App to store a list of already prepared e-mails, which can be sent by a simple click as often as you like : "ExpressoMail"

This app is FREE and available on Google Play :

I wanted to share this with FHEM community.

It's my first post on the forum. I hope "Mobile Devices" section is the right place for this message (I saw that other posts were in German !)



Thank you for your work. I'll check it out ASAP.

Regards, Edi


Thanks Eiten !

I will be glad to have your feedbacks  :)
I can do additional developments if needed !