FHT not reporting.

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Dear all,

After setting up an RPi with an RPI-CCD extention from Busware.de the heating is no longer working in FHEM.
Before I had an Linux desktop with a CUN module.

I have a FHT8W and a FHT 80B-2.
The FHT80B-2 has been AutoAddeded to the FHEM config, however the code used in the device was different than the one detected bij FHEM.
When I set the code an update in registerd in FHEM about the actor status, but the rest of the status (not even the current temperature has been updated the last 4 days).

The Sync between the FHT8W and FHT80B-2 is working.


#FHT80-B Thermostaat
define Thermostaat FHT 1414
attr Thermostaat model fht80b
attr Thermostaat retrycount 3

In the device:
'CodE' is set to: 1 = 020, 2= 020
'CEnt' = On

My FHT80TF-2 is detected and working in FHEM.

What am I doing wrong?


You have to define the CCD in FHEM with the same FHT-Code, as used with the CUN.

If you insist using another FHT-Code, then make sure its not 0000, and pair the FHT80b with FHEM again (CEnt:N/A, then send a command via FHEM to the FHT80b). And make sure, that the CCD is more or less n the same position, as the CUN was before.


Yes, I was so focused on the FHT device I forgot the CUL device requires the right <FHTID> as well.
Thanks again Rudolf!

Still struggling do, after messing around soo mutch I'm not sure what <FHTID> to set anymore, and how to set it in the FHT80b.


Zitatand how to set it in the FHT80b.
Is that question or only a description of what you did not understand but remember now?
It it's a question:By pairing, During pairing the FHT-ID is sent to the FHT80b.
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