Alternate to max radiator thermostat

Begonnen von malc_b, 16 Oktober 2023, 12:21:52

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I'm building a house which is taking far too long.  I bought max kit in order to automate the house with fhem.  Plans change and I'm now 2 max radiator thermostats (basic) short.  And it seems like these are now obsolete.  Does anyone still have stock of these?  Preferably in the uk as the idiots, I mean the government, have made it so difficult/expensive to buy aboard now.

Or what would be my best alternative?  A similar radiator thermostat running on wifi which I could control from fhem too in the same way.  Is there a market for a load of max thermostats and a cube I wonder?  Would be more cost effective to switch to a whole new system?




In my experience, it's almost impossible to find Max components in any (online) shop - at least not at a reasonable price: I've seen shutter contacts for more than €80 apiece. However, people are selling their stuff on ebay. I can't point you to any UK source, though, I'm even having a hard time finding a German source. Sorry.


Thanks.  I've seen one max thermostat on ebay.  The chunky square one, secondhand, and not very clean which doesn't inspire confidence in its quality.