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Titel: alarmclock javascript respond to AT
Beitrag von: cmillsy am 23 April 2015, 16:58:16
For a while now i've been thinking of my default floorplan/frontend being an alarm clock (for the bedside table). My Rpi runs FHEM (server) but i have a O2joggler (browser client) for the alarm clock. I found an excellent simple front end here:
https://github.com/knowthelist/fhem-tablet-ui (https://github.com/knowthelist/fhem-tablet-ui) and https://github.com/nesges/Widgets-for-fhem-tablet-ui (https://github.com/nesges/Widgets-for-fhem-tablet-ui)
There's a nice clock,set timer & playstream widgets which would be great for turning a radio on or playing a wav (client side) at a given time. I could just do with a little help in what i would have to do to link them together. Could the frontend respond to an AT or NOTIFY using a javascript toast popup and play sound or radio link. I'm not very good at javascript so any pointers would be appreciated.

I realise i should probably contact the frontend developer first but i thought i would ask here as i dont have a github account.
Titel: Antw:alarmclock javascript respond to AT
Beitrag von: rudolfkoenig am 24 April 2015, 08:16:03
You dont need a github account to contact the frontend developer, just post to the right thread here: http://forum.fhem.de/index.php/topic,34233