FritzBox installation: memory nearly full

Begonnen von Pape, 30 Juli 2014, 18:26:53

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Hi all, I've succesfully installed FHEM on my FritzBox 7390 and is working fine. The only problem is that it consumes nearly all the 512 MB of space. I've just have 5 MB available, and the only thing installed is the FHEM firmware: no music, no ringtones, nothing else.
Is it normal or something went wrong during the installation process?


no not realy. I have fhem on a 7362sl (on USB-Stick) and my installation have about 200 mB inclusive logs and backups. There must be something more on the box. Is there only the folder fhem ? Or are there other folders too ?

Regards Christoph
Cubietruck, Fhem 5.8
Module: Dewpoint,FB_Callmonitor,HCS,Panstamp,at,notify,THRESHOLD,average,DOIF


Depending on the distribution (AVM or an initial Installation is between 50 and 100 Mb.