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Titel: [FHZ] EM1010 automatic reset
Beitrag von: Dr. Boris Neubert am 27 Januar 2008, 18:25:14

As my EM1010PC tends to stuck and return exactly the same value for
hours, I'd like to be able to reset it automatically. The reset until
now was not of much use: you had to confirm the time/date manually on
the EM1010PC directly after the reset command was sent by fhem (or by
the Windows software).

After sending each possible one-byte command to the EM1010PC I found
one command which will skip the manual interaction, going to the sync
mode after reset,  I added this command to the reset sequence, and
made the change available in CVS.

My EM1010PC has firmware version 1.5  (upgraded from 1.2), I would be
grateful if some of you would confirm that it is working.

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